User Stories

Self Service Analytics and Project Delivery require a centralised team working together to support the different functions across an enterprise.

Cara | Sales Director

I need to be able to segment my sales data in order to understand my customer personas and behaviours, to effectively apply the right resource and budget in the right place at the right time.

Sales Director
Andreas | Transport Director

I need to be able to monitor my fleet utilisation in order that I have the right mix of vehicles ready for my customers, else I may miss revenue opportunities.

Transport Director
Ellie | Events Director

I need to be able to see how my attendees are interacting in the run-up to an event, in order that I can engage with them better and drive conversions and more sales to my events

Events Director
Poppy - Finance Manager

I need to be able to find a quicker way to do my month-end reporting which is smart and easy to understand, in order that I can spend my time actually managing the company finances not wrestling with spreadsheets

Finance Manager
Tom - Marketing Manager

I need to be able to see the performance of my marketing campaigns in order to ensure my content is consumable and the 'call to action' drivers are producing successful conversions.

Marketing Manager